“Shout Out Loud”, a biopic of Kiss’ planned 2024 collection

“We’re just getting started now. We’ve already sold it, it’s already done, we have a manager. He’s moving forward and he’s coming in 2024,” Doc McGhee continued. The news was already out in April 2021. Guitarist Paul Stanley has confirmed that he has been approached for several big screen CV performances. Spy Gene Simmons was also excited.

After the huge successes of “Bohemian Rapsody” based on Queen or “Rocketman” based on Elton John, it was difficult to refuse such a project. On the acting side, names are circulating Joachim Rønning as director and Ole Sanders as screenwriters. But for now, the cast has not been revealed. The cast are likely in their twenties, to better reflect the group’s early career from New York.

The last projects before goodbye

“It would be interesting to see how everyone else viewed me – be it the cast or the director. I think I would learn a lot about their perceptions of me based on the actors who cast them,” said Paul Stanley. This film will trace the formation of the group in the heart of New York’s hustle and bustle. The seventies.

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