Shohei Ohtani stirs controversy

Although he dominates the major leagues in baseball when it comes to batting out of bounds, Japan’s Shuhei Ohtani isn’t unanimous.

The Japanese gunner in the Los Angeles Angels received criticism for speaking to members of the media using an interpreter, causing one of the hosts to disagree.

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“I don’t think it helps that the first face of this sport is someone using a translator so we can understand his words, in this country [les États-Unis], lamented in the morning program “First Take”.

To support his point, he adds that some other mathematicians from distant parts of the world spoke perfectly in the language of Shakespeare.

“In other sports, like basketball, Dirk Nowitzki was German and Manu Ginobili and others were from other places. And you know what, they were fluent in English. We understood what they said when they were interviewed.”

The footage has been circulating on social media since it was aired and has angered many fans.

Speak in English

Otani spoke to the audience in English when he accepted the Jackie Robinson Award, awarded to Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year, in 2019.

“Thank you. I would first like to underscore the honor of sharing the stage with so many good athletes,” said the Japanese among others.

The 27-year-old hit his 33rd home run of the season last Friday, putting him five years ahead of his closest challengers, Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Fernando Tates Jr. He will appear in the Long Ball competition on Monday and the All-Star Classic on Tuesday.

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