Shocking investigation into sexual violence in sport

Filmmaker Pierre Emmanuel Luno Dorinac, in this documentary aired on Tuesday on Tepic (9:30 PM), signs an intense investigation into the system promoting sexual assault.

Two years of investigation in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and the United States of one plague: sexual violence perpetrated in sport, through the influential testimonies and the numerous opinions of psychologists.

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Omerta broke

Journalist Pierre Emmanuel Luno Dorignac, who has worked on the subject for more than 15 years, met with English Manchester City footballer Paul Stewart, Spanish gymnast Gloria Viseras (pictured) and Irish swimmer Karen Leach. Adults telling how they were raped for many years by their coach, who – via ” Progressive confidence building process Psychologist Greg DeCamp described it – Advance his pawn ».

In his film, the director refers to the responsibility of turning a blind eye, such as the American Swimming Federation, which have developed a complex strategy to stifle business and political pressure. Self-Satisfaction, Financial Interests, or Protection of the Powerful: We dissect the responsibility of institutions, as sinners as the coaches involved.

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A shocking report sheds light on chilling mechanisms to protect the guilty. You must see it.

Sexual Violence in Sports, The SurveyBy Pierre Emmanuel Luno Dorinc (France, 2020, 91 min), this evening at 9:30 pm Tebec.

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