She was found alive several days later, stuck in the mud

Local authorities announced that an American woman who had been “stuck in the mud for several days” had been found alive in a nature park in the northeastern United States, a week after her disappearance.

She was “conscious and alert and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for observation,” police in Stoughton, Massachusetts, who were conducting the search, said Monday night.

Easton Police, who oversaw the rescue, said she had “severe but not life-threatening injuries”.

Screenshot / CNN

The young woman, aged 31, has been wanted by the police since her family reported her missing on Monday 26 June.

Screenshot / CNN

A week later, while searches remained unsuccessful, they were found by hikers who heard screams in a swampy part of Borderland State Park, near Boston.

The young woman was rescued by firefighters, who had to use quads to get to where she was stuck.

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