“She” to “His”. Soon the banknotes bearing the statue of Charles III will be in circulation.

The first banknotes bearing the new statue of King Charles III will enter circulation in mid-2024 in the UK. However, the picture will be revealed at the end of this year, the Bank of England announced on Tuesday.

Many aspects of everyday life in the United Kingdom will change with the accession of Charles III to the throne.

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According to a statement issued a week after Elizabeth II’s funeral, the Queen’s portrait “will appear on current models of the four polymer banknotes” in denominations of 5, 10, 20 and 50 pounds “and no further changes will be made”.

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In addition, banknotes bearing the portrait of Elizabeth II will continue to circulate in parallel and will only be withdrawn when destroyed “to minimize the environmental and financial impact of a change of king,” as directed by the Royal House, as defined by the Monetary Institute.

Change only one letter

Existing shares of banknotes, showing the late king, will be put into circulation as planned, while the new polymeric currency – which has gradually replaced paper money in the UK since 2016 – will be printed to replace it “. A general increase in demand”.

Buckingham Palace also unveiled the new royal letter – the initials of Charles III – on Monday evening, which will be prominently displayed on government buildings and mailboxes, and stamped on official documents. During the reign of Elizabeth II, the first letter was “EIIR” for Elizabeth II Regina (Queen in Latin).

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It will become the royal initial “CIIIR” of Charles III Rex (king in Latin). In the monogram images issued by Buckingham, the letters C and R intertwine and the crown floats over the initials. The new ‘CIIIR’ center will be surrounded by couriers leaving Buckingham Palace from Tuesday, the date that marks the end of royal mourning for the Queen, who died on September 8 at the age of 96.

“she” to “owner”

The Buckingham Post Office sees the passage of 2,000 parcels and letters each year, between invitations and responses to letters or official cards and letters. After the national anthem, now sung in its male version, ‘God Save the King’, many aspects of daily life in the UK will change with Charles III taking the throne.

Thus the face of the new king would begin to appear on coins across the Channel, but also in other countries of the world, or even on British stamps. The names of “Her Majesty” of Government, Treasury and Customs were changed to “His Majesty”.


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