She spends a whole day in Dubai Mall and shares her experience

In Dubai, we don’t skimp on the means: the tallest skyscraper ever built, the world’s deepest swimming pool, and now the world’s largest shopping mall.

As if to break all records, the city houses this mega mall located right next to the Burj Khalifa. With an area of ​​over a million square metres, The Dubai Mall hides many surprises. This is what journalist Chloe James did inside.

The Dubai Mall: a city within a city

Boasting 1,200 shops, an ice rink, aquarium, virtual reality park, hanging dinosaurs and its own 26-screen cinema, The Dubai Mall has everything an inner city has to offer. It is so big that it is difficult to get around it in one day.

The journalist spent 8 hours in the mall. This is located in downtown Dubai. (photo by monticello / Adobe Stock)

I decided to spend a whole day there to discover everything the Dubai Mall has to offer. I arrived at noon and didn’t leave until 8pm. Chloe explains.

In short, the journalist spent 8 hours in the mall. This is located in downtown Dubai. It is possible to get there by metro and by car.

And if you go there by car, Prepare to browse a 14,000-car parking lot, with multiple entrances to the mall “.

The reporter reported entering the mall from the ice rink,” Where you can ski under fake snow This is where you use the Dubai Mall app. The app works like Google Maps and helps customers navigate through the maze of stores “.

With the help of detailed itineraries, Chloe travels to Level Shoes, the largest luxury shoe store in the world. The store not only sells more than 350 brands of shoes, but in addition to It includes a coffee shop, a VIP lounge and a spa “.

The Dubai Mall is the place of all extravagance

At the Dubai Mall, everyone seems to be shopping like a payday Chloe’s remarks. Surrounded by clients wearing Prada bags The journalist was surprised to see that stores such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton were crowded.

I decided to focus on more affordable stores: H&M, Sephora, Zara and Abercrombie. Here, too, customers flock together, with stores offering the same products as available in the UK or the US.

Walk in the Mall, Chloe Sites’ Some very Dubai-like amenities, such as a huge indoor waterfall and a replica of a traditional souq “.

I felt like I spent the day in an amusement park instead of a mall (Photo by EdNurg/Adobe Stock)

She has also noticed many American brands, such as Bloomingdale’s and Reese’s of Candylicious World. ” Mall shoppers are either fascinated or familiar with American culture she concludes.

When the locals mingle with the tourists at the end of the day, the atmosphere gets heavy, and Chloe decides to go to the aquarium: “ I bought a ticket for 199 dirhams, or about $50, for full access to the 33,000 animals on display. Exhibits include penguins and an underwater tunnel “.

Will all of Dubai be this extravagant? asks the reporter, arguing that The answer is yes “.

The Dubai Mall: Shopping or Attraction?

Arriving at noon, the journalist left the building around 8 pm, after walking more than 14,500 steps. ” I felt like I had spent the day at an amusement park instead of a shopping mall; I was completely exhausted “, you trust.

Those few hours she spent in the Dubai Mall allowed her to form an honest opinion, and the journalist doesn’t budge: The Dubai Mall is more of an entertainment complex than a shopping mall “.

And while luxurious, with stunning settings and varied entertainment, ” It can suffocate quickly, and your wallet will suffer, but keep in mind that you are getting a taste of life in Dubai “.

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