She has parked her car in an authorized lot, and word she finds it there soon afterward makes her distraught

In the UK, a woman from Oldham, near Manchester, found a threatening note written on her windshield by one of her neighbors.

Getting along with neighbors is not always easy, and this story is further proof of that. In the UK, a woman from Oldham, Greater Manchester, found a threatening letter written on her windshield by a neighbor. The latter reprimanded him for having parked his car in front of his house, in a parking lot which was nonetheless fully licensed. “The next time you need to leave your car for more than two hours, pay your parking fee and avoid taking up the parking spaces in front of my house, He said the letter. Next time I may not be so forgiving.”

In a post on the social network Facebook, the daughter-in-law of the main interested party explained that the latter was also “very shaky” The note on his car. I am disappointed to say that this was found today in my mother-in-law’s car on Radcliffe Streetthe young woman wrote in the caption of a photo of the message. That person doesn’t know why they parked there, (…)


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