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RLouisiana resident Tessica Brown posted a video on the TikTok social network last weekend that explained that after running out of her regular hair gel, she used an extra strong glue as an alternative, in spray form.

“Bad idea, bad, bad idea,” the forty-year-old black lady murmured with feeling on her head, about to cry. “My hair has been like this for a month. That’s not my choice.”

This chemical glue, which contains acetone and propane in particular, should not normally come in contact with the skin, according to the product paper, because it can cause serious irritation.

During the days that followed, Tessica Brown tried various products and lotions, including coconut oil, to no avail, while netizens offered her a thousand one solutions.

On Saturday, she posted pictures of her in the emergency room of a hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana, where she was hoping for help.

The visit was not enough and Tessica Brown went to Monday, which is clear on Instagram: “It really will be a long process.”

And the company, the glue maker, Gorilla Glue, posted a message on Twitter saying “sorry” for the “unfortunate accident” and happy to see the new martyr on social media, seeking medical advice. “This situation is unique because this product is not prescribed for hair because it is considered permanent,” the company specified with the family capital.

To cover the medical costs after her treatment, Tessica Brown appealed for a donation on the Gofundme website, and she’s already raised more than $ 15,000 on Tuesday.

TMZ posted a video, filmed on Tuesday, in which a friend cuts her ponytail and applies a new product, without much success.

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A spokesman for the doctor told AFP that Tessica Brown “is going to Los Angeles this week to meet plastic surgeon Michael Aubing.” It will remove the glue.

According to TMZ, it was Michael Aubing who spontaneously offered his services for free to anyone who now has nearly 800,000 subscribers on TikTok.

Beyoncé’s hairstylist Neil Farina has also offered to help through her Instagram account.

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