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If you have read our article on Who wants to be my partner? You already know that M6 is heavily inspired by a popular show in the US: Shark Tank. Concepts, investors, famous entrepreneurs… Here’s everything you need to know about the US version of QVEMA!

Shark Tank has been broadcast since August 2009 on the American channel ABC, and it is a very popular program in the United States since it is already on 13H season. It is still in production. Similar to Who Wants To Be My Partner? In France, it aims to support entrepreneurs with innovative projects.

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Everything you need to know about the Shark Tank show

The concept of the Shark Tank mission consisted of a competition of startups pitches of entrepreneurs presenting leurs ideas of products or services in a panel of “requins” (desiring potential investors) in their role d’obtenir a finance for leur company. Shark is the nickname given to all the investors on the show, hence its name: Shark Tank, Shark meaning shark in English.

Investors can choose to invest in the business in return for a share of the capital and the entrepreneur must convince the sharks that he has a solid growth plan and a management team capable of executing that plan. The fair aims to highlight startups and allow them to find investors, but it can also be a useful tool for investors who can discover promising new companies to fund.

Shark Tank investors are often referred to as “sharks” due to their ability to spot the best deals and negotiate favorable terms. All of them are professional investors or successful entrepreneurs who want to invest their money in startup companies in exchange for some stocks. In the show, the sharks sit at a panel and listen to the entrepreneurs’ presentation. If the shark is interested in the business, it can offer financing in exchange for an ownership interest, and the entrepreneur can accept or decline this offer.

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Investors in a shark tank

As in Who Wants to Be My Partner? Shark Tank works with a group of investors who are known for their exploits in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Every season, we find the same sharks, some of which have been around since the show’s inception. Some so-called “guests” also occasionally come to Shark Tank.

The iconic investors of the US company QVEMA are Diamond John (FUBU – Fashion), Barbara Corcoran (Corcoran Group – Real Estate), Robert Herjavec (Herjavec Group – Cyber ​​Security), Kevin O’Leary (Softkey – Software), Mark Cuban (2929 Entertainment – Entertainment) and Lori Greiner (For your convenience only).

Among the investors invited to Shark Tank are also icons of entrepreneurship, such as Daniel Lubetzky, founder of snack company KIND, Gwyneth Paltrow (GOOP), actors Kevin Hart and Kendra Scott, designers and Entrepreneur of the Year from EY in 2017.

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Well-known entrepreneurs who have come across Shark Tank

Among the well-known entrepreneurs who have gone through Shark Tank, we find in particular what is considered one of the biggest hits of the show, the sponge Scrub Daddy. This company, in which Lori Greiner has invested, is developing by leaps and bounds in the United States, but also in France.

Here are some examples of well-known startups that have taken part in the Shark Tank reality show:

  • Ring: A home security company that has launched a suite of video surveillance and access control products.
  • Bombas: A sportswear company that launched a range of comfortable and durable socks.
  • The Simple Golf Swing: A company that developed a three-step golf method to improve golfers’ swing.
  • Ten Thirty One Productions: An entertainment company that creates spooky events like haunted houses and jungle survival adventures.
  • Heddoko: A clothing technology company that launched a range of fitness wearables with sensors to track movement and improve physical performance.
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Shark Aquarium fans

Can you imagine if it was the American version of Who Wants to Be My Partner? Still broadcasting in the United States, audiences are there. The American counterpart to the M6 ​​show has been a huge hit across the Atlantic and has grown since there are now 25 episodes (compared to about ten at the start of the show).

However, the number of viewers dwindles in the face of competition from both streaming and cable television. So while the best seasons of Shark Tank had around 7 million viewers, the current season is showing an audience of anywhere from 3.1 to 3.9 million viewers.

Shark Tank is also developed internationally. There is an Australian shark tank, an Israeli, Vietnamese, Mexican or Indian version.

Where do you watch Shark Tank online?

If I love who wants to be my partner? And if you’re a fan of investment and entrepreneurship shows, you might like Shark Tank. Unfortunately, today, in France, the American version of the M6 ​​show cannot be watched on a legal and paid streaming platform.

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