Shaquille O’Neal donated 1,000 Nintendo Switches to children in need this Christmas

NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal donates 1,000 PlayStation 5 and 1000 Nintendo Switch Christmas keyboards for kids in need. L’ancienne star du basket-ball est connue pour être assez charitable avec sa richesse et il n’a probablement pas été facile d’atteindre autant de consoles PS5 et Nintendo Switch étant donné que les deux plates-formes des pronedèt de chanedét ‘Supply.’

Nintendo recently noted that the Nintendo Switch will experience a shortage in 2022 due to a parts issue. The company has quite a few variants of switches for sale, from the original to the recently released OLED Switch. The OLED Switch was an effective way to get more people into the console, but it doesn’t add any significant changes to the switch for those who already own the Switch. However, Shaq appears to be helping push some units for Nintendo.

Le Podcast The Gary Vee Audio Experience necklace (via Nintendo life), Shaq revealed that he acquired 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles through “nintendo friend, Plus 1,000 PS5 consoles. Shack revealed that his parents taught him the value of giving back to those in need and noted that tens of millions of children wake up without a gift at Christmas – including at some point. Since becoming an NBA star and basketball analyst (and public media personality), he has strived to make sure kids never feel this way again.

Although there is also a shortage of PS5s, Shaq has managed to get one of the most wanted holiday items for many kids. On ne sait pas s’il a réussi à obtenir les consoles auprès de revendeurs sur des sites comme eBay – ce qui est un effort plutôt vaillant en soi puisque les consoles vont à ceux qui ne pourraient probablement de pasé l’obx Whatever the case. It’s also unknown if Shaq had any toys or gift cards for the kids, but it’s hard to imagine that he let these kids go home without anything to play with.

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Either way, Shaq’s heart is in the right place. Although Nintendo expects problems with Nintendo Switch In 2022, Sony hopes to end the PS5 shortage. 2022 will be a big year for the console with a number of highly anticipated games, the possible launch of PlayStation VR 2, and more – so hopefully Sony can meet the demand for PS5 keyboard.

Source: The Gary Vee Audio Experience, Nintendo Life)

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