Sexy swimsuit in memory of grandmother

When it came time to create their latest swimwear collection, two Quebec businesswomen wanted to honor a loved one, Janine Mason, who died of COVID-19 in December 2020.

That is why the Janine collection presents the latest models of the new brand Julia Francina from Quebec.

The company, founded by Lisa Marie Cote Lachance and his mother, Marie Cote, had its beginnings full of pitfalls.

However, they clung to their dream with the results we know today since their swimwear will be distributed on the Bikini Village transaction site starting December 10th.

Lisa Marie wears a swimsuit from the collection meant to honor her grandmother.

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Lisa Marie wears a swimsuit from the collection meant to honor her grandmother.

In addition, with the gradual resumption of travel, prospects for development have improved.

“My passion for fashion comes from my mother, Janine, with whom I was very close. We were in stores the whole time. She died of COVID on December 9, 2020, my birthday,” said Marie Cote emotionally.

Janine’s collection is a way for those close to him to honor him. Mrs. Mason was someone who shined according to her granddaughter. She died at the age of 94.

Lisa Marie and her mother have always dreamed of running an entrepreneurial project together. A few years ago, Lisa Marie participated in the Miss Swimsuit USA competition in Cancun, Mexico.

At the time, Quebec realized that the offer in terms of swimwear was somewhat limited here. Then the project began to germinate.

For her part, Marie was looking for a retirement plan and the two wanted to achieve something together.

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After studying languages ​​at Université Laval, Lisa Marie became a flight attendant for Air Canada, which led her to travel internationally where it inspired her company.

The young businesswoman makes models in collaboration with Marie, and makes swimsuits in Colombia before returning to Quebec. Mary works as Operations Manager.

Of course, the pandemic has slowed their start-up and the past few months have been rich with experiences of all kinds, but they have found a reliable person in Colombia with whom they have been able to form a bond of trust thanks to a contact in Quebec.

At the moment, sales are carried out exclusively online. They have clients all over the United States, but also in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Brazil and elsewhere.

The brand Julia Francina, who is on Instagram, became known mainly thanks to influencers. Ultimately, the company wants to branch out into other styles of clothing.

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