Sexual abuse An American university will pay more than $ 1 billion in compensation

(Los Angeles) A ​​campus doctor accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of women during gynecological exams: USC Los Angeles has agreed to pay plaintiffs more than $ 1 billion in exchange for ending civil proceedings.

Laurent Bangit
France Media

Lawyers for the alleged victims hailed on Thursday “the largest friendly sexual assault agreement ever reached with a university in the United States.” Some also directed very harsh words against the University of Southern California, accusing it of turning a blind eye to the actions of Dr.s George Tindall to preserve his reputation.

“The nurses, who were sometimes present during the exams, literally looked the other way,” one complainant, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said at an online press conference.

A Los Angeles court on Thursday approved an amicable settlement of $ 852 million in relation to more than 700 alleged victims. “A fair and reasonable agreement,” the USC said in a statement.

This amount is in addition to a previous agreement in the amount of $ 215 million that was concluded by the end of 2018 in a collective framework that was implemented at the federal level. More than 16,000 former gynecological patients have joined the procedure.

The size of the amicable agreement signed Thursday, at an average of $ 1.2 million per plaintiff, “attests to the tremendous damage inflicted on our clients by George Tindall’s corrupt actions,” as responded by law firm Manley, Stuart and Finaldi, which alone represents 234 women.

“A lot is also said about the guilt of USC, which has employed Tyndall for thirty years by ignoring tons of complaints and evidence of his errors,” the company continues.

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“I want to be clear: the USC and its officials know!” The press releases they released in 2018 saying they were falling from the sky were just a hell of a lie. Attorney John Manley insisted at a press conference, “We have proven it.”

Pictures, lies and rape

Ds George Tindall, now 74, has been the subject of several hundred charges of sexual assault by female patients since 1990.

He is also said to have taken pictures of his patients’ genitals and made obscene comments about their appearance, as well as racist or anti-gay remarks.

According to the testimonies, the gynecologist often criticized foreign students, especially Asian students, who were not fluent in English and were unfamiliar with gynecological examinations. Some of the complainants also confirmed that Dr.s Tyndall had lied to them, claiming that he had diagnosed a venereal disease in order to give them an inappropriate screening.

Despite repeated reports, the doctor was never worried until a 2016 internal investigation by a nurse, which ended with unnatural practices.

That didn’t stop the gynecologist, who has long denied the facts, from retiring in 2017 under an agreement with the University of Southern California.

According to John Manley, on this occasion George Tindall received “approximately $ 200,000” while the largest amount the plaintiff received in connection with the class action was $ 96,000, “which is obscene.”

The president of the United Somali Congress had resigned in the wake of the scandal caused by the case. Carol Vault, who succeeded her at the helm of a prestigious university, said she “deeply regrets the pain” these women have suffered, and praises the “courage I have witnessed”.

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In addition to out-of-court settlements, patient complaints also prompted a police investigation against Dr.s Tindall.

He was arrested in June 2019 and charged with groping and raping a total of twenty women, due to facts dating back to 2009 although the complaints relate to a much longer period.

Ds Tindall is currently out of bail and faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted.

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