Severe cold snap in the UK: down to -15 degrees, three children die in a frozen lake (video)

She said the fourth boy, aged six, who was rescued at the same time as them, remains “in critical condition in hospital”.

Richard Harris of West Midlands Police told a news briefing: “As you can imagine, the families are completely broken up. The approaching Christmas (…) adds to the tragedy.”

The search continues to ensure there are no other victims as witness accounts indicated that up to six people may have fallen into the water.

“We have not been contacted by anyone to suggest anyone else is missing, but until we are 100 per cent sure we will continue searching all day,” Mr. Harris said.

Lakes, ponds, canals, and frozen reservoirs may look beautiful, but they can be deadly

This incident “reminds us of the dangers” of bodies of water during the winter, local fire chief Richard Stanton emphasized during the same news conference.

“Frozen lakes, ponds, canals and reservoirs may look beautiful but they can be deadly,” he added, calling on families to remind children “of the dangers of ice…) to prevent this from happening again.”

“The coldest night since the beginning of the year”

The UK has been experiencing a particularly severe cold spell for several days, with temperatures dropping to -15.6°C in Braemar, central Scotland.

The National Weather Service (Bureau of Meteorology), which issued yellow warning leaflets of snow, fog and sleet, especially in the Southeast and South, said the night from Sunday to Monday was the “coldest night since the start of the year”. the west of the country, as well as the north of Scotland.

The night from Sunday to Monday was the “coldest night since the beginning of the year” in England. © Copyright 2022 Associated Press. All rights reserved

These bad weather conditions caused major transportation disruptions in several regions, including the capital.

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Stansted (North London) and Gatwick (South) airports were forced to close their runways overnight from Sunday to Monday to remove snow, and many flights were cancelled.

Dozens of passengers stranded at airports in the British capital have posted videos on social media showing runways covered in snow and planes stuck to the ground.

Motor traffic was also severely disrupted on major roads around London, with heavy congestion due to snow and icing on the roads, while rail commuters also suffered significant delays and cancellations.

Some schools also remained closed Monday morning.

Snow covers tracks as underground trains are parked in London, Monday December 12, 2022. Snow and ice have engulfed parts of the United Kingdom, as cold winter conditions linger for days.  (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)
Rail passengers suffered significant delays and cancellations. © Copyright 2022 Associated Press. All rights reserved

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