Several changes come after comments from the first technical preview

Finally, 343 Industries has shared some upcoming changes on the multiplayer progression side ofinfinite aura. because of his passing free to play, this will be Battle corridors Seasonally, it will be possible to advance according to your desire and pace. However, the only way to gain experience and level up is by completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges. during the preview Technically, these challenges were quickly missing, showing no progress in Battle Pass during playing.

Even worse, most challenges require you to play a certain way in order to gain experience points. Which, of course, not everyone liked, was the risk of forcing a large number of players not to have as much fun as they liked, and punishing them for their progress in the game. Battle Pass For this. All this must change in the future.

Likewise, boosts that double the (paid) experience gain per match doesn’t seem to work properly. While it is limited in time, Countdown has continued to work even in menus, which makes its use not particularly attractive. A problem that should also be fixed in the future.

Here are the top points to remember from this new blog post by 343 Industries. By December 8, it’s multiplayer frominfinite aura It must be approached on one or more occasions previews techniques. The lucky ones selected in the program Hello from the inside So we will be able to see some of these changes, on PC as on Xbox One or Xbox Xbox X| S.

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