Serge LeBlanc is still in the heat of the moment

Barring a disaster, Serge LeBlanc will be only four games away from hitting the international 100-game mark once the IIHF World Women’s Hockey Championship ends in mid-May.

Team Canada’s Equipment Manager, who has played 88 matches so far on the world stage, is guaranteed participation in all four League matches. Then there will be the quarter-finals, the rankings, the semi-finals and of course the medals.

In fact, the Canadian team can play a maximum of eight matches in Nova Scotia. Please note that the games will take place from May 6 to 16 at the Scotiabank Center in Halifax and the Rath Eastlink Community Center in Truro.

LeBlanc has been in Halifax since Monday to attend the Canada Team Selection Camp that opened Wednesday morning at the Scotiabank Center.

Obviously, since we are in a time of a pandemic, his business will be different from other years. In fact, he had to take a screening test once he got in the ring. Neither the public nor the media representatives will be able to attend the training sessions.

“We have protocols that must be followed. The 47 players in the camp are divided into two groups, the Reds and the Whites. I take care of the Whites. By the way they are organized, we will never face the Reds until we are playing team matches. Otherwise, we will have already left the scene before we set foot on the other group.” The square, “explains the man everyone’s affectionately called Bayou.

“The situation is so severe that we are not even allowed to walk to the hotel which is only 400 meters away. In order to prevent the players from contacting the outside residents, a bus parked in the square will take them to the hotel and vice versa. Our bubble will be throughout the duration of the event. Even our meals will be served in our rooms.” Own.

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“And at Scotiabank, every group has two rooms entitled to a change of clothes to avoid being near. In fact, one of my roles will be to make sure all players have everything they need on hand, whether it’s duct tape, scissors, water bottle, etc. Usually All this at a shared table in the locker room. Of course I will have to wear my mask at all times, “LeBlanc says.

Of the 47 players who participated in the camp, 25 will be selected for the tournament.

“I expect surprises,” Planck reveals. In my opinion, there is no doubt that veterans may have a surprise. (General Manager) Jenna Kingsbury It’s right, all girls here have a great chance of owning a niche of their own. “

Canada, which ranked third in the last World Cup finals held in 2019 in Espoo, Finland, will begin their bid to win the gold in the curtain-raising match on May 6 at 7:30 pm against Finland. Team Canada will also face Russia, Switzerland and the United States in the preliminary round. All games shown at Scotiabank will also be broadcast on TV on RDS and TSN.

Since 1990, Canada has won the world championships gold medal 10 times. But the last time was in 2012.

The teams in Group Two include Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark and Japan.

Note that the county reserves the right to cancel the tournament, or make changes to plans in place if the COVID-19 situation worsens in Nova Scotia.

Guests at the training camp

  • Guardians: Kristen Campbell (Manitoba), Anne Renee Despins (Quebec), Genevieve Lacas (Ontario), Emerance Mashmeyer (Alberta), Cassidy Sofie (Ontario) and Shea Tilly (Ontario).
  • The Defenders: Irene Ambrose (Ontario), Ashton Bell (Manitoba), Jamie Bourbonis (Ontario), Kendall Cooper (Ontario), Renata Fast (Ontario), Laura Fortino (Ontario), Nicole Gosling (Ontario), Brigitte Lackett (Manitoba), Jocelyn LaRock (Manitoba), Megan Mikkelson (Alberta), Allie Monroe (Nova Scotia), Lorient Rojo (Quebec), Ella Shelton (Ontario), Claire Thompson (Ontario) and Mika Zandi-Hart (British Columbia).
  • The attackers: Victoria Bach (Ontario), Anne Sophie Biggies (Quebec), Emily Clark (Saskatchewan), Melody Dost (Quebec), Jesse Eldridge (Ontario), Sarah Feller (Ontario), Lauren Gable (Ontario), Elizabeth Geiger (Quebec), Julia Gosling (Ontario), Brian Jenner (Ontario), Rebecca Johnston (Ontario), Rebecca Leslie (Ontario), Emma Maltis (Ontario), Sarah Gull (Ontario), Kristen O’Neill (Ontario), Amy Potomac (British Columbia)), Sarah Potomac (British Columbia), Mary Philip Paulin (Quebec), Jimmy Lee Rattray (Ontario), Gillian Saulnier (Nova Scotia), Sophie Shirley (Saskatchewan), Natalie Spooner (Ontario), Laura Stacy (Ontario), Player Turnbull (Nova) Scotia), Alexas Vasco (Ontario), and Daryl Watts (Ontario).
  • head of administration: Tom Rainey (British Columbia).
  • President and Chief Operating Officer: Scott Smith (Novo Brunswick).
  • vice president: Scott Salmond (British Columbia).
  • General Manager: Gina Kingsbury (Quebec).
  • Management consultant: Cassie Campbell Pascal (Ontario).
  • Coach: Troy Ryan (Nova Scotia).
  • Assistant trainers: Corey Schiffre (Nova Scotia), Doug Diraug (Ontario) and Vicky Sunohara (Ontario).
  • Parent Counselor: Brad Kirkwood (Alberta).
  • Video trainer: James Emery (Alberta).
  • Equipment managersSerge LeBlanc (New Brunswick) and Alana Goldin (Ontario).
  • Doctor: Dr. Tina Atkinson (Nova Scotia).
  • Healers: Christine Atkins (Alberta) and Jamie Boyd (Manitoba).
  • Massage Therapist: Andrea Purdy (Quebec).
  • Mental Performance Counselor: Kim Thompson (Ontario).
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Evaluation – Preliminary role

Thursday, May 6

  • Germany – Japan, 1 pm, Truro
  • Switzerland – United States, 3:30 pm, Halifax
  • Hungary vs the Czech Republic, 7 pm, Truro
  • Canada – Finland, 7:30 pm Halifax

Friday, May 7

  • Danemark vs Hongrie, 19h, Truro
  • Russia – Switzerland, 7:30 pm Halifax

Saturday May 8

  • Czech Republic – Germany, 1 pm, Truro
  • Finland – United States, 3:30 pm Halifax
  • Gabon vs Denmark, 19 hours, Truro
  • Canada v Rossi, 19:30, Halifax

Sunday May 9

  • Hungary – Japan, 7 pm, Truro
  • Switzerland vs Canada, 19:30, Halifax

Monday, May 10

  • Czech Republic – Denmark, 1pm, Truro
  • USA – Russia, 3:30 pm Halifax
  • Germany-Hungary, 7 pm, Truro
  • Finland – Switzerland, 7:30 pm, Halifax

Tuesday 11 May

  • Japan against the Czech Republic, 1 pm, Truro
  • Russia vs Finland, 3:30 pm Halifax
  • Germany-Hungary, 7 pm, Truro
  • USA vs Canada, 7:30 p.m. Halifax

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