September 11, 2001: Relive the chain of events


8 NS 46 Flight 11 hit the north facade of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York at a speed of 800 km/h between the 93rd and 99th floors.

There are about 15,000 people in the Twin Towers at this time.

American networks broadcast the first pictures of smoke rising from the first skyscraper. Canadian channels are quickly following suit. Millions of viewers watch the unfolding drama live. RDI begins live at 8:52 AM.

Michel Fiennes reports live events to RDI.

9 NS 03 Flight 175 hit the south facade of the South Tower of the World Trade Center at a speed of 950 km/h, between the 77th and 85th floors.

Visiting Manhattan for this event Quebec – New York 2001, Quebec, Luc Korcheson, hears the explosion of the first plane. Armed with his camera, he goes out into the street and captures events hundreds of meters from the Twin Towers. His pictures will travel around the world.

Featured on September 11, 2001.

People began to flee lower Manhattan. Thousands of workers descend from the towers of the World Trade Center and take to the streets. Others are unable to do the same, trapped in flames, smoke and debris.

9 NS 05 President George W. Bush is briefed on the attacks on the World Trade Center while attending an event in Florida.

At about the same time, Canadian Transport Minister David Colinette was briefed on the situation while speaking at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal in front of airline executives. He quickly returned to Ottawa and decided by phone to take the first safety measures.

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The Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, was also made aware of the tragedy while meeting with the Prime Minister of Saskatchewan on the 24th of Sussex in Ottawa.

9 NS 30 President Bush addresses the media: We will hunt down and find those who committed these attacks.

9 NS 37 Near Washington, Flight 77 crashed at a speed of 850 km / h on the western side of the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense. And then there are hundreds of workers in the building.

9 NS 45 The US Federal Civil Aviation Agency (FAA) is ordering all civilian aircraft to land – about 4,000 aircraft – and canceling all departing flights from US airports, de facto closing the country’s airspace, which would be intended for the military. International flights are denied access.

Moments later, Canada took a similar measure, installing all the hardware on the ground. The Canadian Armed Forces control the skies, establishing the Emergency Air Traffic Control Plan, used in wartime.

The decision was made to land in Canada (particularly in Gander, Halifax, St. John, and Vancouver) for US-bound international flights, a measure involving hundreds of aircraft from all over the planet as they headed to the US. States.

Jets with enough fuel are going back.

debris from a building.

Ruins of the World Trade Center Tower 1.Photo: Getty Images / Doug Kanter

9 NS 59 In New York, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed on itself in about ten seconds, weakened by the impact of aircraft and fire. Canadians Brian Clark and Ron DiFrancesco were among the last people to escape alive from the building before it was destroyed. They are also among the few people who worked on the affected floors and who survived.

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10 NS 03 Flight 93 crashed in a Pennsylvania field at 950 km/h after passengers forcibly tried to regain control of the plane from the hijackers. The terrorists’ target was either the Capitol Building or the White House in Washington.

A few minutes earlier, the decision was made to evacuate White House staff, including Vice President, Dick Cheney, and National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, as well as elected officials at the Capitol, to bring them to a safe place.

10 NS 28 The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. The iconic urban silhouette of the Big Apple is forever changed.

Radio Canada journalist Claude Dechen, on location, on Broadway, testifies to what he sees at the time.

The World Trade Center disappears from the New York scene.

10 NS 40 Stock indices around the world are dropping and most stock markets are closed, including the Toronto Stock Exchange. Some will not reopen until the following week.

Like the United States, security is reinforced around strategic infrastructures across Canada: airports, transit stations, military bases, nuclear power plants, electrical installations, parliaments, and financial centres. Fighter aircraft are ready to intervene if necessary.

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