Senator Marco Rubio said that China wanted to show the US “backing off”.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio had claimed that China deliberately launched a spy balloon over the United States to send a message that America is in “retreat,” according to the “New York Post.”

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“[ Les Chinois] He did that voluntarily,” Marco Rubio told ABC News. They knew he would be spotted, they knew the United States government would have to release information, that people would see him in the sky. And the message they were trying to send was what they believed internally: that the United States It was once a great power and the country is in decline.”

A Florida legislator does not believe China’s excuses to justify the airship in US airspace. Rubio demands an explanation from the Biden administration for why the balloon was not destroyed sooner.

“I’d like to hear military officials explain why this wasn’t dealt with sooner,” he said. What are the options at that time?

For his part, Ohio Republican-elect Mike Turner lamented the lack of a sense of urgency within the Biden administration. According to Turner, China wanted to obtain militarily important information.

“There is no excuse, he decided […]. They should have been ready. Besides being unprepared, they seem to be thinking, “Where’s the ball going?” What are they trying to do? “»

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