Sen et al. Marne. Thomson is moving production of its high-end personal computers to Pontault-Combault

Some Thomson computers will be built in Seine-et-Marne (© Group SFIT Thomson Computing)

to laptops Made in France who are preparing to conquer the world. This is how the history of the company can be summarized SFIT-Thomson Computing from Pontault Combo (Sen et al. Marne).

The latter, created in 2013, is in the process of being established in the French IT market and is beginning to penetrate the American market.

This success story was born thanks to an investment Stephan French. After going to Surcouf, One of the pioneers of technological products, the latter bought the IT branch of a very popular company Thompson.

“I bought the operating license in 2013. It is a brand that I know very well because my father has worked there for nearly 30 years.”

Stephan French

In international markets

Behind this acquisition, the man wanted to spread his new concept: producing computers of very high value for money. Summarizes: “I owned the brand, the concept, the best prices, and above all I knew the market really well”. It’s enough to let the small company get off to a very good start.

And it must be said that sales rose very quickly. “We had our first sales in 2014. These were basically tablets, then tablets with keyboards,” he recalls. We started the adventure with 30,000 euros and at the end of the first year, we had nearly 11 million euros in sales. “

The company’s sales volume is based in Pontault Combo It took off again in marketing Notebook in 2016 and PCs for less than 300 euros the following year.

With these products, we succeeded in penetrating European markets, such as Belgium, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain in particular. But we have also successfully marketed products in the United States. ”

Stephan French CEO, SFIT-Thomson computing.

The Little Gallic

Thus, the small French company was able to approach giants in the computer industry such as Acer, Dell, Asus or even Apple.

These American and Chinese companies share 80% of the global market. We reach like a little gallic among adults. We will try to find a place. “

This model could have collapsed completely like a house of cards in 2020. “Because of the health crisis, and since the computers were designed in China, all sales have decreased because we no longer have supplies,” Stephen French recalls. As a result, we considered moving part of the production in France, to Pontault-Combault. “

5 grams

At the beginning of 2021, the company announced its desire to design high-end computers at Cine-e-Marne. But that’s not all, the so-called 5G PCs will also be designed in 77. “We keep the computer industry at less than 300 euros in China, but we focus on high-end products produced in France,” the president testifies.

To keep up with this, the latter had to hire fifteen employees, from 23 to 38. “We’re still a small structure, the CEO admits. But nothing prevents us from thinking big,” says the person who expects to record a record turnover of over 70 million euros this year.

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