semiconductor production | A matter of ‘national security’, says Joe Biden

(Columbus) Joe Biden, while opening the construction site of a semiconductor plant in Ohio, considered the manufacture of these increasingly sophisticated electronic components a matter of “national security,” particularly in the face of Chinese ambitions.

Posted yesterday at 3:25pm.

“It’s all in the interest of our economy, and it’s also in the interest of our national security,” the US president said at a website where Intel intends to invest a whopping $20 billion.

Come to praise the recent legislation adopted by his initiative, which provides 52 billion US dollars in subsidies to revive semiconductor production, and Joe Biden noted that this measure was part of the great rivalry between China and the United States.

“No wonder…the Chinese Communist Party has tried vigorously to rally the American business community against this law,” he said, under the scorching sun, against the backdrop of construction machinery.

The 79-year-old Democrat stressed that the United States will need advanced electronic components for “future weapons systems that will increasingly rely on electronic chips.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t currently produce any of these advanced semiconductors in America today,” he said.

The US President’s visit was also marked by a clear electoral background, with the midterm legislative elections approaching next November.

Ohio, the “Rust Belt” or “Rust Belt” state, is one of the land of factories and blue-collar workers that Democrats have historically acquired, but which fell to Republicans and former President Donald Trump on the back of deindustrialization.

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