Self-focused AP photographer in Cannes

Written by Brian Anderson

July 23, 2021 GMT

Cannes, France (AP) – “Matt! Buddy! Look over your shoulder, Matt Damon! The moment he turned with a big smile on his face, we made direct eye contact as she shivered in my spine. Bam!

As an Atlanta-based photographer who has covered major sporting events, breaking news, and national politics across the United States, I thought all my previous experience would have prepared me for the Cannes Film Festival. But he was wrong.

This mission was completely different. It’s the opposite of what I usually do, shouting and shouting people’s names to make them look at me is weird. My screeching, loud voice cut through the crowd of low voices and the moment I looked at a celebrity.

Communicating with the locals can be difficult as I don’t speak the language, but the gestures of where to stand, where to look and where to pay help me survive. Learn new phrases – “Unrace par ici” (see here), “over the shoulder” (on your shoulder), “turn around” (turn around) – help attract the attention of Red’s talents. rug.

When I arrived in Cannes, Spike Lee’s eyes followed me everywhere I went, from a huge poster on the red carpet, in shop windows, bakeries, postcards, flyers and advertisements all over town. Cannes Film Festival.

It was impossible to ignore the views surrounding a place of beautiful hill lined with French houses, suede, gorgeous costumes, sandy beaches, and rows of restaurants smelling of truffles. During a break from the action, he dug his toes into the sand and icy waters of the Mediterranean. It was like a dream.

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Suddenly you come back to reality when motorbikes and cars are driving down the street without worrying about pedestrian safety. Plus the ongoing pandemic has added a layer of anxiety. Since I’m a US citizen, I should be tested for COVID-19 every day, even if I’m a restaurant.

Feeling crushed in the crowds on the red carpet and sweat cascading from their elbows onto my pistons was like a political commotion in South Florida, hot and humid until strong winds blew away tension around us. Then I shout again: “This way! Here!”

As one of the few women, I pushed myself back and forth to capture a moment, while I wore black in 85-degree weather and sweat filled my disposable black mask. Two weeks later I covered bruises and blisters from walking and standing, hitting me with someone else’s cams or my elbows on my side.

But working, meeting international colleagues and having fun was a pleasure. I’ve known the Cannes Film Festival all my life, the glamour of the red carpet, the celebrities who attended and the exceptional films that came out, but they were all legendary to me. I never thought I would be in the south of France. But this year I was part of the tradition, the fashion, the cinema and the red carpet and it was the opportunity of a lifetime that I will never forget.

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