Self-driving taxis are coming to America

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The transport world will welcome a new revolution. Cruise is about to launch a brand new service. This is a robot taxi. Previously, Cruise had already launched its services across the United States. But this time, he decides to upgrade. According to Cruise CEO Gil West, developing the service is a big step forward for the company. For now, the company will only offer a limited number of services with a few functional vehicles. This decision was made to facilitate its launch, but California regulators can authorize all services.

100% autonomous car

Cruise has already received a green light from regulators. This service will soon be available throughout California. Community Cruise He said 30 vehicles will be operating to provide service in the city. Although he mentioned that his robot taxis are available all over California, Some areas will not be covered by the Services. Because its vehicles run only in less congested areas.

In addition to the route, the weather is also a major factor in service availability. Therefore, in severe weather, cars do not engage in service. In fact, these measures are aimed at controlling and preventing potential accidents. For his part, Kyle Vogt, co-founder of Cruise, has already tested service across the city in one of these cars. The company said the introduction of these taxis will be economical for customers, but also good for the environment.

Cruise is not the only company that lands on self-driving taxis

This service is not entirely new because Waymo already offers travel in driverless vehicles. On the other hand, the car did not run fully automatic because a backup driver went with the cars during a technical problem. The service provided by Waymo covers the Phoenix area, which is why Cruise said his taxis would operate without drivers. Also, even to order them, you need to access a special app.

Cruise currently uses the Chevrolet Bolt brand car, a vehicle designed by General Motors, of which Cruise is part of its team. This car will be integrated with electricity and sensors and cameras. But in order to improve its services, Cruise wants to launch its own brand and range of vehicles. This is called the Cruise Origin and does not have pedals, mirrors or stirrer wheel, but only space for passengers.

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