Sega collaborates with Microsoft to develop games on Azure

Japan’s Sega Group announced Monday that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Microsoft to allow game development on the US remote computing giant Azure platform.

The Japanese company said the partnership is part of Sega’s long-term project called “Super Game” that aims to develop big-budget titles with international ambitions, notably in the origins of the adventures of the famous Blue Hedgehog Sonic.

“In a world more connected than ever before with the massive deployment of 5G services and remote computing in recent years, consumers can more easily enjoy high-quality entertainment content at all times,” Sega said in a comment.

“By working with Microsoft to anticipate these trends that will accelerate even further in the future, the goal is to improve development processes and continue to deliver high-quality experiences for players using Azure remote computing technologies,” the company added.

Titles that Sega has developed specifically for Azure servers could appear over the next few years on Xbox Game Pass, a monthly subscription service that allows gamers to access a catalog of digital games through their Xbox console.

Several Sega games, including the “Yakuza” franchise, are already available on Game Pass. Some of them can also be accessed with a Sony PlayStation Now subscription or the Nintendo Digital Store.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Sega title rose nearly 6% on Monday.


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