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Returning to France after his 6-month loan with Gotham in New Jersey, he spoke of the personal fulfillment he saw there for footballer Le Figaro, who suffered far from the French team.

Among the sports stars in the Tignes

Guydane, we imagine you will be glad to return to Etoiles to Sport
Cayden Dini: Yes, very glad to find all of these athletes. This is the first time I’ve seen Étoiles du sport at Tignes, because so far I’ve enjoyed them at La Plagne. So this is an invention for me too.

Happy to rediscover France?
(Smiles) Yes, that too. This allows me to have a smaller decompression room when I return from the US. There, I discovered another universe, and I gained a lot of confidence because it was a country of great value.

When you talk about advertising, do you mean that women’s football in the United States is like night and day, compared to France?
No. It’s more in the approach. Americans will always be very positive and we will be respected for being on the ground. I came to be a stranger to them. In France, this is undoubtedly the culture …

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