Second term or not? | Kamala Harris says she didn’t speak to Joe Biden around 2024

(Washington) The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, who is going through a difficult political period, confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that she did not discuss with Joe Biden the 2024 presidential election, particularly the ‘nomination for president’. in this poll.

Biden, 79, had previously announced that he planned to run for a second term.

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Asked about a possible new nomination for Joe Biden, the vice president insisted, “I don’t think about it and we haven’t talked about it.”

Washington has been rife with rumors for several weeks about Kamala Harris’ affair with the president, and many commentators have already begun to speculate what will happen to the unpopular vice president if Joe Biden is not running for reelection.

Kamala Harris appears to be struggling to find her place in the White House, where she takes on particularly sensitive tasks, related to minority voting access or the origins of the immigration crisis on the southern border.

The vice president made history by being the first woman and first black and Asian person to be invested in this position, theoretically making her Joe Biden’s heiress.

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