Season 4 of Cobra Kai: release date, cast, plot … all we already know

Filming began for the fourth season of Cobra Kai, the dramatic sequel to the Karate Kid cult film series.

Originally broadcast on YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium) and then entered the Netflix catalog, Cobra Kai is a miracle series that attracted viewers of all ages.

Thirty-five years later, she plays the actors in the first Karate Kid movies, namely Ralph Macchio and William Zapka, who both played the roles of Daniel Larusso the brown, the famous karate boy, a disciple of the one who is not pressured by Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita, who died in the year 2000) 2005 at the age of 73), and his blond rival, Johnny Lawrence, the ruthless former student of John Chris (whose original translator was also on the cast of the series).

Larusso sent Lawrence onto the carpet during the Karate Championship in 1984. A defeat from which the latter never really seems to have recovered.


In the series, Larusso becomes a pure producer of the American way of life by making a hell of a winner from rickety neighborhoods in his childhood to very select clubs. Today he is the manager of a thriving auto dealership and a model family man who was eager to pass his knowledge of karate onto his eldest daughter. On the other side of the ladder of success, Lawrence left – apparently kicking the buttocks – the pretty neighborhoods he grew up in. Today he’s making his living from odd jobs to odd jobs, breaking up beer from beer and never taking care of his teenage son, who left full responsibility for a mother who nearly quit like him.

In the first season of Cobra Kai, the rivalry between the two men, thanks to a combination of circumstances, suddenly returned.

Each of them will put their conflicting vision of karate at the service of high school students who are victims of school harassment. The latter, which feeds on action movies and video games, will at first glance be more seductive with Lawrence’s brutal methods than Laruseau’s soulful ones …

Tense brawls, nostalgic sequences, and well-felt references of the 1980s are all brimming with humor (Lawrence’s raw side of another era of abstraction is a completely exploited aphid) … Cobra Kai smashes everything in a cheerful way. He sends out a heavy but has the good taste of doing it through self-irony and without initial manicure, it’s also salvation for the evil Lawrence that is being explored.

This perfectly balanced recipe makes it quite a hit. The screenwriters have also successfully seduced both the new and “old” generation, who grew up with the Karate kid. For the latter, the feel of good entertainment is comprehensive, with lots of fun, but also really moving sequences that relate to the past. Cobra Kai especially leaves the emotional charge and worship that children of the 80’s dedicate to the Karate kid. All flashbacks (with movie clippings) and other gestures of yesterday’s pop culture, however, don’t prevent it from being a perfectly proven teen series in its time. This ability to reinvent without betrayal makes it one of the rare examples of success in terms of spin-offs, and it’s an eminently amazing exercise.

Who will be in the cast for Season 4?

Alongside Ralph Macchio and William Zapka, we especially find Xolo Maridueña as Miguel Diaz, Mary Mouser as Samantha Larusso, Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene, or Jacob Bertrand as Eli Moskowitz. Peyton List and Vanessa Rubio have become “regulars”. So we should see more on screen, the “bad” Tory Nichols who Chris intends to build a weapon of mass destruction, and Carmi Diaz, Miguel’s sweet mother who pleases Lawrence.

There will also be fresh blood. Netflix announced the arrival of new students, to be played by Dallas Dupre Young and Oona O’Brien. According to Variety, Young will play Kenny, the apprehensive boy who will seek a way to defend himself through karate, and O’Brien will play Devon, a hardworking but extremely impulsive student.

Spoilers warning. For the record, the final episode of Season Three announced the return of Thomas Ian Griffiths, in Leather Terry Silver, aka Big Bad Karate 3 “We all liked Terry Silver’s character in” The Karate Kid 3 “and his interpretation by Thomas Ian Griffiths. So, if This character was going to be back for season four, so we hope he’s the one who translates it, ”said one of the three co-writers, John Horowitz.

Will Hilary Swank wear a kimono?

After the highly successful (but ephemeral) comeback of Lawrence’s ex-friends as well as Elizabeth Shaw (the unforgettable Ali Mills, whom Laruso and Lawrence were fighting for and who we can currently see in the Boys’ series), but also Tamlin Tomita or Yuji Okumoto, fans hope that Season four is hosted by Hilary Swank.

Obviously, the idea of ​​summoning the actress, who played Julie Pierce in the fourth (not terrible) installment of Karate Kid: Miss Karate Kid released in 1994 (with Pat Morita but without Ralph Macchio), isn’t far fetched. More than just …

“We are literally talking about all the characters that have appeared in Miyagi’s poetry, so obviously we were talking about Julie Pierce. Regarding whether or not she will be returning in the series or not, you will just have to wait to find out,” John Horowitz told the movie mix, before He adds, “The next Karate kid is part of our world (…) One of the things that really distinguishes him is that Hilary Swank worked very early and became one of the great actresses in Hollywood. His performance is excellent in this movie and his chemistry with Pat Morita is great.” Note that the Boys Don’t Cry star has already participated in other Netflix projects like the Away series, so fans may see their desires come true. It remains to be seen whether it will not be necessary to wait for Season 5 for this.

The next conspiracies

During the first three seasons, La Russo, Lawrence and their students fought a ruthless battle that pleased martial arts fans. But at the end of Season Three, they were only forced into one decision: Alliance. Now together in order to confront Kreese and his disciples from the thick savages, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso will have to learn to cooperate. It’s totally software when you know their completely opposing styles …

Kreese, whose past we discovered in Season Three (and suddenly discover where his dark power comes from) is now sensation of Johnny Lawrence’s son, Robbie. The youngster’s relationship with his father, but also with his former coach Laruso and teammates, will definitely matter in Season 4. As shown above, Terry Silver, the big bad nickname in Karate Kid 3, would definitely be fine too. Sign up to play …

When will we get back on the tatami?

Filming for the fourth season of Cobra Kai will begin from January 20 to April 15 in the US in Atlanta. Netflix has yet to announce a release date, but this new season will likely come just one year after the previous season, in January 2022.

While waiting for his discovery, we can eat again and again with the first three seasons available on Netflix. We recommend that those who haven’t seen it yet watch the entire movie saga beforehand. The scene will be more luxurious. In terms of the series as in karate, you have to know how to take your time … Miyagi-san himself was not denying this wise advice.

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