Season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix) promises to be very hot!

The second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle promises to be incendiary. The director has just revealed the name of the first episode set to be shown on Netflix.

Good news for fans of the series The Bridgertons Chronicle ! Season 2 promises to be hotter from the beginning. mostly Great happiness for Netflix subscribers. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

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On December 25, Netflix subscribers were treated to a Christmas gift that lived up to their expectations. In fact, this was Conquered by a whole new series.

Thanks to The Bridgertons ChronicleCinema-goers have the opportunity Immerse yourself in an enchanting world in the style of Jane Austen. In the program, members of English high society, balls and other love stories.

Lots of items that make fans of this genre dream about. But beyond this aristocracy, Gossip also led to many scandals. In fact, the mysterious Mrs. Whistledown was having a good time with her diary.

Every day, reveal the last The worst secrets of the British bourgeoisie. This is to the delight of its readers. And the least we can say is that the idea of ​​the original series didn’t fail to cause quite a stir.

Yeah! I immediately met the success that I expected. Even more! Expectations Directed by Chris Van Dousen Literally exploded.

This is how Netflix determined the official numbers. it seems that More than 80 million subscribers around the world She chooses to indulge in the adventures of Daphne and her family.

In fact, this first season actually centered on one of Violet’s daughters. During training with the balls these balls should have been Finding the right husband to establish his own home.

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Unfortunately, Things don’t go as planned. So much so that she decided to make a pact with Simon Bassett, one of the respected members of the Elderly. Target ? Attract her suitors And push any woman trying to approach the Duke.

hotter season 2

During the first adventure, So Daphne and her partner fall in love one from the other. A position that fans have been waiting for since the first episodes.

Then a romantic relationship begins Which will lead to the launch of many hot moments. But bad news for fans, the couple will never again have the opportunity to perform in the second season.

The handsome Simon translator will not attend! A blow to fans of the show, which is streaming on Netflix. However, do not panic!

This new adventure promises to be up to the task from the beginning. And if it were directed towards the older brother of the beautiful Daphne, it should lead to a lot of action.

Moreover, the name of the first episode has just been revealed on Twitter. This is not the output itself. And therefore, Capital R Rake Promises already Beginning to rise Viewers expectations.

“Rake” means “Rakehell”. A word used to refer to the aristocratic libertines of the time. A title that makes your mouth water and appears to really indicate that amateurs will not be disappointed. exactly the contrary ! So to continue on Netflix…