Schools in the UK ban glitter

UK schools are banning glitter to celebrate the holidays in the most eco-friendly way

A month after COP26 in Glasgow, British schools are considering greener ways to celebrate Christmas. At Portsmouth High School, glitter is no longer allowed. The decision was made by Graham Frost, principal of Robert Ferguson Primary School in the north of England. Makkata glitter, sometimes used in art activities, is also banned there.

“If more schools adopt this approach, school providers will think more carefully about delivering products in line with our environmental concerns,” he believes.

Serve differently

The glitter ban is not the only environmental measure taken in these schools. At a girls’ school in the south of the country, for the first time, students were invited to exchange old Christmas sweaters for new ones rather than buying new ones, a way to respect the “Christmas jumper” tradition without contributing to pollution. .

“It was really well received by parents, but also by daughters,” said director Jane Prescott.

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