School students find a way to get false positives through their Govt-19 tests


Pour some orange juice on your govt test and you will get a false positive! In many cities in the United Kingdom, school students and college students have invented this tactic to avoid school. Teachers tell parents to be more vigilant.

With our correspondent in London, Mary Boda

A science teacher reports a discussion with his students that proves what he is describing. A good way to get away from school for two weeks .

It’s so simple. Pour a few drops of orange juice in the test. There are no viruses in the extract. It is the acidity of the liquid that breaks the device. Many products have proven themselves: lemon juice, Coca Cola, ketchup, soft drinks and the like.

Distributed instructions for use by trainees of this wizard Tick ​​tock, An application for short videos popular among those under 20 years of age. The titles are catchy. For example ” Tired of going to school? Want to test positive Govt? Use orange juice “. These videos have gone viral in the country with 6.5 million views.

Despite the epidemic, teachers are struggling to keep up with classes. They invite parents to watch their children when they test themselves. The trick will be very short anyway because any student who is positive in self-examination will have to do PCR and it is very difficult to cheat.

According to the Association of School and College Directors, the event is about minority students. She invites those interested in this type of scientific experiment to come to a chemistry class.

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