Scenes of panic after the shooting in the largest shopping mall in America

Gunfire caused panic Thursday at the Mall of America, the nation’s largest shopping mall near Minneapolis (North), before police announced that the incident, apparently not a victim, was over.

And the police, who cordoned off the site, announced early in the evening that the situation had returned to normal, even if the shopping center remained closed in the evening.

“This is an isolated incident,” police in Bloomington, a Minneapolis suburb, wrote on Twitter, adding that the suspect “flee” the scene on foot, and that at this point, “no victims have been found.”

The circumstances in which these shots were fired are still unknown at this time.

Pictures spread on social media, whose authenticity could not be immediately verified, showed families running out of the huge shopping complex that includes at least 500 stores.

“Please stay in a safe place until security measures are lifted,” the mall management wrote on Twitter.

A video posted to Twitter shows a person screaming at a Nike store. Several shots ring out soon after.

France Press agency

Another video shows terrified families carrying children in prams either running or pulling them by the hands, while guards patrol the place armed with their weapons.

We hear a message transmitted through loudspeakers: “Be careful, if you are not in a safe place yet, seek shelter immediately.”

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