Scandal in Australia, with videos of sexual acts broadcast in Parliament

The broadcast of videos showing employees of the conservative Australian government engaging in sexual acts in Parliament, including one masturbating on a member’s office, weakened the executive on Tuesday, and more and more questioned the sexist bias of the political class.

Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose position has already been shaken by his handling of numerous cases, including that of an employee who accused his former colleague of rape, denounced “disgraceful” behavior.

It is possible that the videos and photos were shared in a discussion group among county government employees before they were disclosed to whistleblowers. The newspaper showed them on Monday evening Australian And through Channel 10.

They have caused an uproar, especially in the context of a series of issues that have cast a harsh light on Australian political culture and led to protests across the country.

The whistleblower, identified by Tom’s first name, told two media outlets that government employees and MPs sometimes had sex in the prayer room of Parliament and that prostitutes might have been brought into the building to “please the coalition MPs.”

“Morally, they are cooked.”

He also explained that the employees exchanged pornographic pictures of themselves, which he himself had received so much that he “became immune.”

He referred to “the culture of men who think they can do what they want.” Believing that these employees may not have broken any law, he added, “Morally, they are cooked.”

An advisor has already been fired and the government pledged to crack down.

Women’s Minister Maryse Payne, who is also secretary of state, told the media that the revelations were “more than horrific” and reinforced the need for a cultural investigation to be undertaken at the government’s order in Parliament.

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Many voices have denounced the sexuality of the Australian political class, particularly the cases of harassment of which women are victims.

In mid-March, tens of thousands took part in a protest campaign dubbed # March4Justice (March4Justice) to denounce sexual violence and demand gender equality.

Industry Minister Karen Andrews said she was “completely tired” of sexism and added that “her conscience no longer allows her to remain silent.”

Rape charges

She told reporters in Canberra that the ruling Liberal party, to which she belongs, should consider quotas for elected office.

Two high-profile cases involving two ministers have recently destabilized the center-right government.

First there were accusations against a former government employee. Brittany Higgins alleged last month that she was raped in 2019 by a colleague in Parliamentary Office of Linda Reynolds, then Minister of Defense Industry.

After she became Minister of Defense, the latter was criticized for the way her government was to receive the charges of the young woman at the time.

At the beginning of March, “Attorney General” Christian Porter, the chief legal advisor to the government, vehemently denied that he had raped a 16-year-old girl he was studying with in 1988. The latter died last year.

He has filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC TV, and is the first to report the charges against him.

The labor opposition, which has a quota system, has not been spared accusations of sex discrimination and harassment, which have been compiled privately on a dedicated Facebook group.

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