Scam emails target Netflix subscribers and their bank details

Scam emails target Netflix subscribers and their bank details

Email scams are common. This time, subscribers to the streaming platform Netflix are the target.

Once again, Netflix subscribers need to be vigilant. This is because cybercriminals are sending fraudulent emails using multiple addresses. The content of this email alerts users to a billing problem and invites them to update their bank details. A link is provided to be able to update them in order to avoid account suspension. Obviously, if the user goes to the end of the manipulation, these bank card numbers will end up in the wrong hands to extract money. In this case, you must immediately contact the banking institution attached to the card.

These phishing emails are done fairly well, but there is one clue that is never wrong: the return address. The latter will always be in doubt and will never be mentioned by Netflix. As a reminder, the official email addresses of the US platform end with or

When you default on Netflix, the latter points you from the interface on your computer, smartphone or tablet. So it would be wise to return to this interface if you receive an email as described above and if doubt persists.

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