Saying that a male is bald is sexual harassment in the UK, court ruling

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Saying that a male is bald is sexual harassment in the UK, court ruling

UK – Saying that a male is bald is sexual harassment. Several British media outlets reported that the decision was made by an English court of three men suffering from baldness on Wednesday. Defender Friday, May 13th.

Tony Finn, who lost his hair as a result, worked for British Pung for 24 years before being fired in May 2021. After he was fired, he complained to the electrician company. Argument with colleague two years ago. The latter would have called him a “bald ass”. Tony Finn said the comment about his appearance was more painful than the insult in court.

Baldness “inherently gendered”

The court found that “it is difficult not to consider that the plaintiff’s superiors uttered these words with the intent of undermining his or her dignity and creates an environment in which he or she is intimidated, hostile, disrespectful, humiliating, or hurtful.” According to him, Tony Finn’s colleague “crossed the red line by publishing these comments about the complainant’s appearance.”

″ (Company Lawyer) It is true that women can be as bald as men. However, as three members of the jury testify, baldness is more common in men than women. We therefore believe that it is inherently related to sexuality, “the court continued, adding that a man’s opinion about baldness is equivalent to a woman’s breast size.

The court therefore ruled that the contempt was “a violation of the plaintiff’s dignity”, which “created an environment that threatened him”. The attack was “deliberate and aimed at the gender of the plaintiff”. Thus Tony Finn was subjected to sexual harassment. He will receive financial compensation later.

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