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The Saudis do not see the Palestinian issue as central to negotiations with the Israelis

Saudi Arabia has asked the United States for security guarantees and help develop a civilian nuclear program in exchange for progress on a normalization deal with Israel, a report said Thursday. Wall Street Journal. According to a US newspaper report, Riyadh is seeking US help and support to enrich its uranium and develop its own fuel production system. However, US and Israeli officials fear it could allow Saudi Arabia to develop nuclear weapons and accelerate an arms race with Iran.

As part of such a deal, Saudi Arabia is currently under discussion to be granted the status of a major non-NATO ally, while granting Israel, Qatar, Jordan and other countries in the region “special status”. Considered “friendly” to Americans. Such a move would officially make Saudi Arabia a U.S. ally, and in doing so, it would also facilitate access to purchase U.S. weapons.

Adem Altan/AFPMohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Also, Israeli officials have said Wall Street Journal Saudi Arabia has not sought major concessions from Israel in negotiations with the Palestinians. American think tanks that visited Riyadh last year also reported that the Saudis did not see the Palestinian issue as central to negotiations with the Israelis.

The Biden administration has been involved in negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia to reach a normalization agreement between the two countries. However, US officials told Israel’s Public Broadcaster Kan It is unlikely that the US will agree to Saudi demands such as nuclear power and the purchase of US weapons.

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