Satcha criticizes the UK for keeping South Africa on the travel red list

The South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) has criticized the UK government for failing to remove South Africa from its “red list” and said it had provided no evidence to support its politics.

The UK government has said South Africa will be on the red list because it “continues to pose a high risk to public health in the UK due to known concerns”. He pointed to the reports of the Joint Survival Council, which he said was the source of the data he was using. However, the reports show only data on countries that change from one color of fire to another, without any information about South Africa, he said.

This is despite the fact that the infection rate in South Africa is much lower than in the UK and many European amber list countries. He said all the evidence suggests that South Africa should be moved to the amber list.

Following the evidence, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States and China are among the countries that have re-opened trips to South Africa.

David Frost, managing director of Satsa, South Africa’s domestic travel agency, said: “If you do not agree with the latest scientific assessments of South Africa’s safety, you should say why … the UK should give these people a better explanation as to why it continues to maintain travel restrictions, which are increasing every day. Seems discriminatory in the system. ”

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