Saskatchewan lifted health measures in three steps | Corona Virus

Prime Minister Scott Moe indicates, however, that it is not a reopening plan From a plan to encourage the population to get vaccinated and to continue to follow the established sanitary procedures.

The more Saskatchewan people are vaccinated, the safer and more secure our province will be.

Quote from:Scott Mo, Prime Minister of Saskatchewan

An opinion shared by Saskatchewan’s medical chief of health, Dr Saqib Shehab, who is also urging people to get vaccinated ASAP.

Vaccines will allow us to enjoy a wonderful summer and a wonderful fall.

Quote from:Dr. Saqib Shehab, Medical Director of Health, Saskatchewan

However, the government specifies that various basic barrier gestures such as wearing a mask or washing hands regularly will remain in effect until further notice.

level 1

The first phase of the reopening plan will start three weeks after 70% of people over 40 have received their first dose of vaccine, and immunization eligibility expanded for those over 18. It should start at the end of May.

The move will significantly allow bars and restaurants to reopen with a maximum of six people per table while maintaining a distance of two meters between tables.

It would also allow places of worship to hold 30% of its capacity, or up to 150 people.

Group training can be resumed in gyms as long as a distance of three meters is maintained between the participants.

Private gatherings are limited to ten people, inside and outside the country. For public gatherings, this limit will be 30 people indoors and 150 people outdoors.

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The second step

This phase will start three weeks after 70% of people age 30 and over have received their first dose of the vaccine and at least three weeks have passed since the start of the first phase.

Saskatoonians expect to reach this milestone during the third week of June.

Restaurants and bars will no longer be subject to the maximum number of people per table, but a distance of two meters or physical separation between tables must be maintained.

Culture and entertainment venues such as libraries and art galleries or bingo halls will once again be able to open their doors to the public, with a maximum of 150 people.

Restrictions on sports activities for youth and adults will be lifted.

Private gatherings will be limited to 15 people and public gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, will be restricted to 150 people.

The retail and healthcare business will no longer be subject to a maximum number of clients. However, these services must ensure that physical distancing is maintained there.

Step 3

For this latest step in the plan to reopen the province, the Prime Minister announced that the vast majority of health measures would be lifted. This phase should begin around mid-July.

It will start three weeks after 70% of people age 18 and over received their first dose of the vaccine and at least three weeks after the start of the second phase.

The re-opening is neither too fast nor too slow, according to Scott Mo

I know some will say we are moving very slowly in this reopening, while others will say that we may be going too fast, Abdicates the Prime Minister of Saskatchewan. For those who want to go faster, I would still say we have to be careful.

Scott Mo looks particularly at plans to reopen other countries to compare them with those to boycott. He cites as an example the UK where we are on the verge of entering the third phase of their launch plan.

The Prime Minister also indicated the factors that could contribute to the failure of the plan. If people stop following health procedures, if they are not vaccinated, and if Ottawa does not send enough doses of the vaccine, for example, then the plan may not work.

Despite these announcements, the provincial health authorities will continue to monitor the number of hospitalizations. They will thus be able to interrupt the reopening plan if necessary in order to reduce the pressure exerted on the intensive care centers.

More details will be announced in the coming months as the situation evolves.

Opposition reaction

The New Democratic Party responded to the government’s statements in a press release this Tuesday noon.

Health spokeswoman Vicky Mawat says she hopes the reopening plan will work properly, but she doesn’t want the Saskatchewan party to forget its handling of the pandemic.

Even if it is fine for the government to clarify today, the official opposition has been calling for clear health measures for 14 months.Can we read the press release?

However, Vicky Mawat notes that the government appears to be basing its plan on immunization data only, which is of concern to her.

With Alberta imposing new restrictions today, we must closely monitor the number of cases, positive tests, hospitalizations, and all other public health indicators to guide our steps forward., as you say.

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Vaccination remains the priority

The government also says vaccination will remain its priority, ensuring that once all the first doses are given to the people of Saskatchewan, it is time to immediately switch to the second doses.

Scott Mo also took the opportunity to encourage people who are still hesitant to get vaccinated to go to the vaccination clinic.

A person can take this simple gesture to protect themselves, their family, and their community and get back to normal life in Saskatchewan.

Quote from:Scott Mo, Prime Minister of Saskatchewan

Currently, 44% of adults in Saskatchewan have already received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The province expects to receive more than 367,000 additional doses by the end of the month.

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