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“Souffle”, “Instante”, two amazing shows then Trio ARK late Saturday afternoon, discover the Info-Chalon pics …

Souffle – L’Éolienne / Florence Caillon, circus author and choreographer

By combining dance and circus, the acrobat on stage addresses this theme in spectacular solo as the whole body breathes but also external breathing energizes it. This about thirty minutes presentation also wonders how to counter or combine energy and body fatigue, a question that we also find, among other things, in the second presentation presented as part of this joint phase.

“Fawry” – Cie7Bis / Juan Ignacio Tula

Audiences have had the opportunity to witness this visually hypnotic aesthetic show, scheduled for three consecutive evenings, where Cyr’s wheel perfectly matches the repetitive rhythm of human time in its perpetual spinning motion until it leans toward the most sacred. Instante is an amazing solo play, the organ becomes one with the dancer, who is also a circus artist, until it disappears.

Trio ARK

84 special spectators (think about fifty people who couldn’t attend due to limited capacity) for this concert co-produced with Arrosoir in a 360-degree configuration. The audience was delighted to surround the audience, on the grand stage of the Arts Arena, with Joseph Pigeon (guitar), Clement Dregon (drums) and Benoit Keeler (double bass), all of whom passed through the Conservatory du Grand Chalons, to present this fantastic first album titled “Traveling minds “recorded on Arrosoir, the Jazz scene and cross-country music. The burgundy trio, whom we hope to meet again very quickly, has captured the crowd.

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