Saone Wall | 10 days in advance, Espace Nautique du Grand Chalon opens to the public from Saturday News Info Chalon from Info Chalon

It is without a doubt the most anticipated structure for this season … and surprisingly, with ten days it opens up marine space to the general public.

By opening the roof, S├ębastien Martin, Dominique Melin and Olivier Grosjean symbolized the re-opening of Nautical Space for everyone. And best of all, the reopening was tied to the coming of the full summer sun! This means that all stars are in line with the start of a great season.

Even if Nautical Space remains open throughout the confinement period to priority audiences and high-profile athletes, the roof opening places Grand Chalon Nautical Space within the open spaces. Simple accuracy that allows you to benefit from the simplification of hygienic procedures.

However, as of June 9, the structure remained in metering mode reduced to 35%, or the equivalent of 860 people at the same time. As of June 9, the scale will increase to 65% to finally 100% capacity at the end of June.

No need to remind you that showering is mandatory, the mask is mandatory even the lockers … not forgetting the obligatory wearing of the hat.

Grand Chalon used this moment of rest to carry out a certain number of actions. Thus, the ceiling will require, for example, about three weeks of interventions. The wave pool will wait a little longer to reopen to the public after the resin is made. The garden surrounding the wave pool also took advantage of a little interest by planting ten trees, providing more shade in the summer. The Pentagon will also resume under conditions similar to those of last year. At least at the end of the pentagliss constraint.

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Good healing for everyone!

Laurent Guillaume

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