Santa Claus authorized the delivery of his gifts to Canada

Federal Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghubra officially allowed Santa Claus on Thursday to fly over Canada and distribute gifts to children.

Devant, cette année encore, conjuguer avec la COVID-19, le père Noël a obtenu un résultat négatif à un test de dépistage et il s’assurera d’avoir sa preuve de vaccination lors de sa distribution de jouetsle, a mini assuré dan statment.

The weather will also be mild on the night of December 24-25, allowing Santa Claus and his reindeer to fly in complete safety.

Transport Canada also confirms that Santa’s sleigh and its security systems have been checked and that a suitcase full of toys has been checked to ensure they are properly secured.

Once all safety requirements were met, the Secretary of Transportation personally contacted Santa Claus to grant him permission to fly over Canadian skies on the night of December 24 to 25.

“When I spoke to Santa, he assured me that he has met all pre-return requirements and is committed to ensuring his safety and the safety of Canadians and workers in the transportation sector,” Al Ghabra said in a statement.

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