Sandander cuts 600 UK jobs

Photo Credit: Gabriel Bows / AFP

This Thursday, the British branch of the Santander Group decided to move its headquarters from London to Milton Keynes and to close its offices in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bootle. According to Adam Bishop, head of the Santander UK sales network, the closures are justified by the fall in agency traffic: ” Customer attendance at branches has dropped significantly in recent years. So we made the difficult decision to strengthen our presence in areas with relatively many branches from each other. .

According to the Bank of Spain, two years before the health crisis, branch transactions had already fallen by 33%, and by 2020 they would have fallen by another 50%. These are online transactions, which have overtaken those in the branch, and now account for two-thirds of all transactions.

Therefore, the group has planned these profits under the guise of all digital so that no drops are found in their profits.

However, Santander remains a group that has not failed to enrich itself in the face of the crisis, especially in its joint venture with the German group Alliance, an insurance company that, among others, is preparing to take second place. Life insurance market. Already in 2010, the group bought a stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland network for ில்லியன் 2 billion, the fourth largest in the UK.

Despite the billions the group produces and collects, Santander’s bosses’ response is that workers should be fired, along with declining profits. It is reminiscent of other “fall layoffs” during this period, which show that workers must take responsibility for the crisis at the expense of the profits of the big bosses who continue to be rich. . This crisis should not punish workers in the name of capitalist profits or in the name of digitalization and technological advancement.

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