Samuel Piet says Canada does not take anyone lightly

Temporarily at the top of her group, she must maintain this position to advance to the second round, which may eventually open the door to the third round, where three teams will join the top five in the CONCACAF region. With Canada emerging seventh in the FIFA rankings for this region, expectations are high that the team will, at least, reach this stage.

There is always pressure whether you are playing for a club or for the national team. Obviously in this case the matter is bigger, you are representing your country and trying to qualify for the biggest sporting event in the world.

Quote from:Samuel Peet

When we look at our squad, these are players who deal with pressure in their clubs, even if some of them are young. So I am not too anxious.

Piette will celebrate his second year of debut with the Canadian team next week.

I am proud of my trip with the national team. We’ve had a fair share of adversity, with the training changes, but I think the team we have, not just the players, but the entire crew is the best I’ve seen since I started. I’m with the national team, Confirmed.

He continued that the quality of the team is really the best and the program is in good health. We are perfect so far, and of course we like to maintain perfection. But at the same time, we play one game at a time. We do not take any team nor minute details. This has been the mentality since John (Herdman, the coach) was here, and I think that’s one of the reasons for our success. It’s just the beginning, the future is bright and I am delighted to be part of this group.

Don’t underestimate anyone

The next two rivals for Canada, Aruba and Suriname, are two small nations, in all categories, including world football. On paper, Suriname ranks first in the Canada group.

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They have many good players, most of them from the Netherlands, and they have a player who plays in the German Bundesliga. They have a lot of qualities. We will watch a lot of videos to see how they can play against us, but the most important thing is to focus on what we can do because that is the only thing that we are in control of.

Canadian coach John Herdman will be at a loss when it comes to making his squads.

This is the beauty of our reality. There is competition in all positions, especially in midfield. John and his crew know what I can offer this team.

Quote from:Samuel Peet

I am a defensive midfielder who can break matches. Coaches will have a plan for each game. Everyone fights for their place, but at the end of the day it is a team effort and we want the best for the team.The midfielder continued in Montreal.

Some players have recently arrived with the program, but they have a lot of experience with their club. I don’t think international experience is that important, as long as some players like me have it and can guide the rest of the team. The most important thing is what you can bring to the field in terms of quality and behavior. The future is beautiful, but it is also now. We are trying to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, and we have not yet thought about 2026, which will be held in Canada jointly with the United States and Mexico.

Never go away from home

Although Peet has been meeting with the media to discuss international issues, he is still asked to comment on the departure of Remy Vercutre, who has been coaching goalkeepers with Montreal since December 2018. It is believed that he intends to return to Lyon where he has been the Olympic goalkeeper for several years. .

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We are happy for him, but we feel very sad about losing him. We know very well how he did well with goalkeepers. Personally, he is someone with whom I have a very good relationship. I am happy for him because I know his children are in France. With a pandemic, and we’ve seen it with Thierry, it can be hard to be away. In order to have the chance to return home, to the real home, to Lyon, where he has developed as a player, this is always very good. I’ve already said it for my case, when the house calls you, it’s very hard to say no.

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