Samuel Etienne devours a series that’s very popular with Netflix subscribers but has gotten a little under the radar.

Journalist and presenter Samuel Etienne is totally addicted to the animated adaptation of the video game, which has been streaming on Netflix for a week. The mini-series, which we’re finally hearing a little about, would have managed to make people forget about the fiasco of the video game it was inspired by?

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After taking his first steps league of legends, Samuel Etienne continues his start in the gaming world. The host, who in a few months has become one of the most popular French live broadcasters on the Twitch platform, did not hide his enthusiasm for this. New mini series Cyberpunk: Edge RunnerIt has been broadcasting since September 13 on Netflix. Like many players, a star presenter Questions for the hero Seems to be conquered by this video game animated mod Cyberpunk 2077 movie. And it does not fail to inform its subscribers.

Samuel Etienne Ho “in full immersion” in the series Cyberpunk: Edge Runner

The journalist from France Info who hosts a press release every morning On his Twitch channel, shared more than one rave reviews about the Japanese-American animated series based on the video game from Polish studio CD Projekt. “Happy!‘, he tweeted on Tuesday, September 20, confident he’s in thefull immersion“On display.”If I had the time, I would hurry into the gameAdded Samuel Etienne, who seems to be more and more interested in the gaming community and its representatives.

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When Netflix rekindles interest in video games

After the success of the series mysteriousNetflix is ​​swiping with Cyberpunk: EdgrunnersIt is among the highest viewed points on the platform. This is not the first time that the Netflix series has increased interest in a video game. This actually happened during the release of the second season of the magician. The same observation today with video games Cyberpunk 2077 moviewhich, despite numerous technical glitches when it was released, is now making a comeback thanks to the series’ popularity. Produced by Japanese studio Gunner, Cyberpunk: Edgrunners However, it tells a story independent of the game : The story of David, a street hedgehog who tries to survive in Night City, a tech-obsessed city, by becoming an outlaw mercenary.

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