Samsung launches laptop with foldable screen

According to a Twitter information leak, Samsung plans to expand its line of foldable devices to include a laptop. More than just a concept, the manufacturer could launch the Galaxy Book Fold 17 in a few months.

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distance smart phones Foldable, Samsung intends to embark on foldable laptops According to a new rumor. The information comes from the famous leaker ice universe, who participated screenshot The name of the device is on Twitter, in the usual Samsung typeface. So it will be called Galaxy Book Fold 17.

This is the only information known so far, but the name says a lot about the product. This is a Galaxy book, scopelaptops from Samsung, and therefore likely to include a file OS windows. Include or contain the folds In the name indicates that it will be a file foldable screen device. Finally, it will obviously be a 17-inch model.

Samsung introduces daily use of different concepts of foldable devices. © Samsung

A product already seen as a concept

So Galaxy Book Fold 17 will be in file form big disc that folds in half. without keyboard physique, half of the screen will be a tactile input, with the possibility of course adapting it to the content, using a virtual keyboard, buttons, etc. Samsung released a video in May of a group of foldable products In understandable form, with a computer very similar to this description, and where we learn that the camera is hidden under the screen.

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The manufacturer also presented a prototype at the end of August at IMID 2021 for professionals. The leaker you can see He managed to snap a picture of what could be the Galaxy Book Fold 17. He said the final product could be released in the first quarter of 2022.

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