Samsung is paving the way for its future wireless headphones

The first reference of the new Samsung headphones appeared in the Galaxy Wearable app code. Galaxy Buds Pro 2, from its name, appears to be in development.

The wireless headphone set was launched in April 2019 Galaxy Buds It has seen its ups and downs since then, with compelling releases like Galaxy Buds + And the Buds Pro, But also disappointing at times, like Galaxy Buds Live. However, the Korean giant intends to continue its efforts in this area.

Buds Pro 2 on the road?

As such, a reference to Galaxy Buds Pro 2 was detected in the source code for the APK related to the Galaxy Wearable app. Android Police. This is the first time that the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 has appeared. The document also mentions the product category, “earbud” (for headphones), and its codename, “berry”.

Galaxy Buds Pro with Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Pro with Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live // ​​Source: Frandroid

Obviously, everything indicates that Samsung’s next wireless headphones will be called Galaxy Buds Pro 2. It will not be a new iteration of an existing model, but rather a new product in its own right. The APK file also refers to the multipoint Bluetooth technology with other devices belonging to the range of Samsung.

Wider multi-point bluetooth

As a reminder, Multipoint Bluetooth was definitely available on the Galaxy Buds Pro, but it only works with Samsung’s Android products. With Buds Pro 2, for example, it will be possible to connect to your smartphone and PC from a completely different brand.

The Galaxy Buds Pro 2 could in the future replace the Galaxy Buds released in 2019, which is no longer up-to-date against competition and new references in the Samsung catalog. No doubt, more leaks are expected in the coming months.

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