Samsung introduces the foldable smartphone of the future


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Samsung is introducing the foldable smartphone of the future with a patent spotted by Let’s Go Digital. A phone with many advanced features and designed to be all in one!

Samsung has maintained its leadership position for more than a decade. Success is possible thanks to excellent smartphones. Many of them are coming in the coming months between the Galaxy S21 FE, The one whose box was revealed in the video, but especially the Galaxy S22 and leaked data sheet. But the Korean company has a long-term vision and is already preparing for the next 10 years. Because the company has never hidden its view as a leading manufacturer. For him, foldable (or foldable) devices represent the future. Samsung has already launched two highly acclaimed ranges, the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. Today, Let’s Go Digital shares a new patent for a foldable smartphone of the future, which was filed by Samsung.

This is the foldable smartphone of the future made by Samsung

This is the foldable smartphone of the future deposited by Samsung – Credit(s): Let’s Go Digital

Samsung’s future strategy is no longer on display. The Korean company relies more than ever on the foldable form and filed a patent with the Korean authorities in June 2021. Intellectual property spotted by Let’s Go Digital presents a somewhat unique phone. There is talk of an improved design inside the device that allows it to fold into three. This design cancels handles It is located on either side of the dual-hinged main screen. The cameras are located on the back panel. The patent also mentions a sensor located under the display and a fingerprint reader (it is also placed under the panel).

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The patent also shows that the USB-C port is positioned on the edge, as expected, but it also offers an HDMI port, an SD card slot, and a 33mm jack. Samsung It seems that he is aiming for a very foldable smartphone with all these built-in technologies. Samsung’s intellectual property largely indicates that the S-Pen is supported by the device. However, this accessory must be transported separately because the frame is too thin to add a storage silo. Remember, however, that the existence of a patent does not mean that the company will launch such a model. Not to mention it will be presented in June 2021, the latter not ready for release in the coming weeks!

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