Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 good deal: the premium connected watch is down 43%

Today, a Samsung smartphone is not offered at a discount, but a connected watch. Galaxy Watch 3, the premium model, is now enjoying a massive 43% discount!

Samsung has dominated the new technology market for several years. Currently, the Korean manufacturer is widely known for its premium quality screens and smartphones. But as a good multinational company, Samsung is touching other sectors including the connected watch segment. The company has already marketed several models whose aesthetics are similar to traditional watches that are very popular with consumers. Today, this connected watch from Samsung piques our interest. Galaxy Watch 3, Which now allows you to measure your blood pressure, By 43%.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

259.73 euros

With a drop of 43% noted while writing this article, on February 28 at 3 PM, the Galaxy Watch 3 will be introduced in 25,973 eurosUsually € 459. The connected Samsung watch also comes with promotional codes, which you will find at this is the address. Characteristic level, the Galaxy Watch 3 stands out for its traditional look and healthy orientation. There is a heart rate monitor on the wrist and it is water resistant to 50 meters. The connected watch can be paired with an iOS or Android smartphone, Like the Samsung Galaxy S20 +, it is also for sale.

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