Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with a 200MP image sensor

Written by Sylvain Pichot

The current best-in-class smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best photogenic at the moment, achieving very beautiful photos and videos in excellent quality, thus raising the bar to a very high level. Its successor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, should do even better if we are to believe the rumors swirling around the main sensor, the 200MP unit.

Smartphones are now able to take extraordinary pictures and incorporate ever more advanced technologies to improve display based on more efficient sensors from year to year. If the current high-end smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S22 Ultra Provides very beautiful pictures, having Obtained a score of 131 according to DxOMark As for the rear sensors and an excellent score of 101 for taking selfies, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, its successor, should do a better job.

A new 200MP sensor on board the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

The The future Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra should have a 200MP sensor If we want to believe one of the most reliable leakers @UniverseIce who recently posted a message on the social network Twitter remember that Motorola’s next flagship will have a 200MP sensorSo the Samsung HP1 is able to use the 50MP 4-in-1 binning technology but that The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is also said to have a 200MP sensor Which has yet to be announced at the time of this writing. Currently, we are only aware Two 200-megapixel sensors produced by Samsung: ISOCELL HP1 and ISOCELL HP3. The latter is a “mid-range” while the former will debut on the Motorola X30 Pro or Edge 30 Ultra smartphone. This completes the Edge 30 series which already includes the “Classic” version, and Motorola Edge 30 and the Motorola edge 30 Pro. Many analysts believe that the unit installed inside the Galaxy S23 Ultra will produce better images from these sensors.

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Since the main sensor that will be integrated into the future Galaxy S23 Ultra has not yet been announced, we do not have technical characteristics to analyze which would allow us to get more details and a vague idea of ​​its capabilities. There is no doubt that the next few months should answer these questions, and therefore we will have more information about the unit that is expected to be available in the flagship mobile of the South Korean manufacturer. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is expected to be presented early next year.

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