Samsung forgot its Galaxy Note range a little more

The Galaxy Note lineup appears to be getting a little closer to the grave. Samsung has renewed all of its trademarks except for this one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 from the back

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 // Source: Frandroid

RIP little angel gone too early. There was already not much hope for a possible return of the Galaxy Note range and now the idea is evaporating a bit more on the occasion of the renewal of Samsung’s trademark filings.

All renewable domains…except one

Galaxy Club just noted that Samsung renewed its trademark filings on August 31, 2021 with KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, the body responsible for intellectual property in Korea, equivalent to INPI in France). Among the brands involved, we find “Galaxy S“,”Galaxy Z“,”Galaxy M“, And “Galaxy what?».

Trademarks recently registered by Samsung in Kipris

Trademarks recently registered by Samsung at Kipris // Source: screenshot of KIPRIS by Frandroid

You will notice that the brandGalaxy NoteNot in this list. Evidence suggests to some that the domain is already dead and buried.

S Ultra and Z as an alternative

For several months, there have been rumors of the Galaxy Note’s end of range due to The absence of the Galaxy Note 21. Then Samsung denied And he hinted at a future for this range, finally He admitted that there will be no model in 2021 In order to focus on it Galaxy Z Fold 3 And Galaxy Z Flip 3. The S Pen, an iconic accessory for the Galaxy Note, has become compatible with the largest foldable smartphones, but also with S21 Ultra, which loses more of its interest.

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However, Samsung still leaves room for doubt about the possibility of the return of the Galaxy Note range in 2022, in particular due to The general estimate is high for this percentage.

Hope is still allowed

However, we must not give up. If Samsung isn’t particularly inclined to pay close attention to the Galaxy Note, the brand has yet to be abandoned. Of course, the trademarks associated with the Galaxy Note range with KIPRIS have not been renewed, but they are still registered.

Galaxy Note brand registrations at Kipris

Galaxy Note brand deposits at Kipris // Source: Kipris screenshot by Frandroid

So it looks like nothing is planned in the Galaxy Note range in the coming months, but it’s not entirely impossible that one day a return will be made, in one form or another. Let’s put our hands crossed.

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