Sam Cabana and tattoo sting

ART DE VIVRE Little by little, tattoo artist Sam Cabana has become an expert in the art of photo-realistic reproduction. In recent months, requests for tattoos from his clients have continued to increase to the point that the artist is already full for 2021.

By pure chance, Sam Cabana was introduced to the tattoo world at around the age of 15. Painter in his spare time, he learned the basics of the profession by learning by himself along with his brother. “I learned by trial and error. I think it’s the longest way to learn, but it will be better in the end,” says Sam Cabana.

After several participations in competitions and conferences across Canada and the United States, the tattoo artist has built his reputation over the past 10 years. Based in Granby, Sam Cabana handles these works in his studio. Without a business card, he attracts his clients through word of mouth.

“A person who goes to see my work on one of my clients will immediately understand my style. Often times, we will see pictures of tattoos on the Internet or social networks that have been retouched to attract people. In the end, it only sells dreams, because in real life they are not,” he explains. .

much in demand

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Sam Cabana has noticed an increase in the demand for tattoos. Even before that, this freelance worker had already encountered queues with his clients. The list is now running until the end of the year. The artist explains this rise in popularity with people’s desire to express themselves through tattoo art. “With this pandemic, people seem to have been deprived of their freedom to some extent. They want to assert their thoughts and emotions on their bodies. I find it a great way to express yourself,” says Sam Cabana.

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