Saint-Maurice-l’Exil / Between Beaver and Ron. The Alpes Isère tour will start from the city on Saturday

31And A version of the Alpes Isère Tour, which began on Wednesday 25 May in Charvieu-Chavagneux, will conclude on Sunday, 29 May at Allevard. 4And The stage will start from Saint-Maurice-l’Exil on Saturday 28 May.

Departure from the Aqualône car park will be around noon. Cyclists will muster the Beaurepaire, as they loop in the direction of Agnin, Sonnay, Faramans, Viriville, Roybon, Chambaran and Pont-en-Royans, only to then return via Mont du Faz at 1,013 meters above sea level. To Saint-Véran, Varacieux, Montfalcon, Thodure, Marcollin, and Beaurepaire. 177 km stage where the legs will start to feel heavy, especially if temperatures continue to rise at 35 degrees.

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“It is a pleasure and a source of pride once again to host this wonderful cycling race,” said Philip Genty, Mayor of St. Maurice Laxel. While Sylvie DeSsarneau, President of Entre Bièvre et Rhône, stresses “the commitment of the municipality community to support this sporting and popular event, in which the future big names in cycling can be found”.

22 teams of amateurs and professionals participate in this tribute to the young queen. With 350 active volunteers throughout the course, departing and arriving. An international race, with teams coming from Norway, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and even Israel. Without forgetting the regional formations that lined up at the beginning of this event, which are a link between the various regions of the south and north of the province.

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On Saturday, May 28, departure around 12 noon from the Aqualône car park.

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