Saint Marcel. Bahria Town: Disgruntled users launch petition

At the start of the school year, several treadmills were out of service at the Grande Garenne Naval Center in Saint-Marcel (Eure). Disgruntled users started a petition to get things moving. © The Vernon Democrat

Fifteen days after shutdown for maintenance, Grande Garin Maritime Region It reopened on Monday January 2, 2023. But since then there has been a number users We are Not satisfied with the service provided And I have He started a petition to make their voices heard.

Since the first days of January, three of the five treadmills have been unusable, the appliances are making a noise that raises fears of an imminent closure and that one of the two saunas is out of order.

Many testimonials have been collected and submitted to Xavier MainnantAnd Space managerWhich explains the slow pace of interventions.

“During the 15 days of shutdown, companies came in to do diagnostics. We received quotes and validated them. Spare parts are on hold, but it’s a long way to come.”

Xavier Maignant, Maritime District Manager.

So we can hope that the situation will be resolved soon.

Hygiene problem?

Customers also think that there is a problem with hygiene. Rinal and Youssef, Participants From the center it was noted that “there is filth in the corridors, the changing rooms and especially the bathrooms”.

An opinion shared by Stefan, a regular from the start.

“My point is not to argue, but I have noticed that the physical environment deteriorates over time, rudeness increases, topless training, going into the locker room without taking your shoes off, not using a towel or not putting your equipment away because there is no visible coach or staff .»

Stefan, user.

These hygiene concerns are a consequence Rudeness of some users According to the director of the enterprise. The space receives 155 thousand people annually. The rudeness certainly increases and we’re sorry for that. We deal with them whenever we see them. However, we cannot place a security guard at the entrance to the rooms, this is not in our operational strategy, ”Xavier Maignant laments.

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It also annoys some subscribers Hours and the Course offeringsas Valerie: “I can only come on weekends. L’Espace doesn’t have any lessons on Saturdays and closes between 1 and 2 p.m. on those days. I don’t understand why.”

The sauna is out of order
Only one sauna works, to the dismay of the users. © The Vernon Democrat

On this specific point, Xavier Maignant specifies that “UCPA has mandated a public contract for an eight-year contract. It is the Seine Normandie conglomerate that sets a number of rules that we must apply. At the end of the contract, the terms can be reviewed.

Finally, many users complain about the lack of communication with the administration.

“A petition was signed by about 70 people, the majority of users, long before closing time to request a meeting with management, a petition that has remained unanswered by the UCPA, the director of the Espace of the Grande Garenne as elected representatives of the SNA, the owners of the premises.”

James, user.

The operator indicates that three communication channels are available to everyone, on the Grande Garenne website, by e-mail and directly with the agents present or by leaving a note in the box available at the entrance counter.

Finally, he recalls that in December an evening was organized between the most representative users and management in order to present the structure as a whole and to have a moment of participation.

The Espace de la Grande Garenne is an establishment that offers a variety of services, including a swimming pool with three pools and it is hoped that solutions will be found quickly to satisfy customers.

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